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George Bradley


October 25, 2023

The Kulea Parity Calculator - a game changer in commodity trading

In commodity trading, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Accessing accurate and real-time sugar pricing information can make all the difference in smart trading decisions.

That’s where the Kulea Parity Calculator comes in: benchmarked against international prices, this tool is revolutionizing trade for thousands of market participants.

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Unlike many other commodity-insights platforms, Kulea does not buy, sell, or leverage the price index for our gain. We take an unbiased approach to guarantee a reliable pricing benchmark that represents the market.

The concept and development of the parity calculator can be traced back to Nick Kwolek, Founder and CEO of Kulea. Nick has experienced first-hand the challenges that arise while navigating a market that lacked dependable and regularly updated prices for sugar and other agricultural commodities. This experience fueled his determination to create the parity calculator. Based on input from respected buyers, sellers, and traders, we have developed our parity calculator, which has 99% accuracy.

Updated bi-weekly, the Kulea parity calculator clearly shows specific country prices, gathered firsthand from our team on the ground, and input prices such as basis price, premiums, and all other costs involved when importing.

Kulea boasts of an interwoven network of market participants across the globe. This helps us benchmark our prices against international prices, giving us an accurate edge. The parity explorer gives you a graphical view of the market over the past year.

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Market participants can filter by origin and can, therefore, compare and analyze which is the best option when looking to import. The tool also reveals when there is a positive or negative import parity given the current market level and the specific country’s sales price. Using this tool supercharges your buying/selling strategy.

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